An Appetite for Make-Believe

Sep 14, 2016

We all know kids love to play pretend. But role play is also a big part of preschoolers’ social and emotional development.

As they make-believe, kids learn to believe in themselves, imagining they can be anything. And when they play pretend with others, they practice how to share, cooperate and express themselves with confidence!

So why not start your little one’s next make-believe adventure with a theme that’s always on top of the playtime menu — food! Great for girls and boys alike, this classic theme lets little foodies be just like their favorite grown-ups as they cook up their own tasty tales!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

School Lunch

Help your little one build their own “lunch” of healthy snacks, then make-believe they’re going to school with their lunch box. Don’t forget the apple for teacher!

Market Day

Build a busy market stand where your little farmer can build and “sell” fruits and veggies. Share in the fun when you stop by as their first “customer!”

Mix It Up

Your little one can be the baker when they gather “ingredients” and mix them together in a bowl to create the batter for a perfect cookie batch.

Sweeter in Pairs

Ask your little chef to decorate their “cookies” any way they like. Then, encourage them to let you or a friend help to show how working together can be twice as sweet.

Hit The Road

Your little one’s in charge when they hit the road out with a big, rolling food truck! What’s on today’s menu? Where will they stop next? It’s all up to them!

Order’s Up!

Build a curbside kitchen where your little short-order cook can serve up their own creations. Help them build a giant burger, or learn to share when they build hamburgers for two!