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So many of the staff at Mega Bloks grew up with Mr Rogers. It likely motivated a lot of us to get into working in the toy industry. It’s not just an interest in toys, but an interest in families, and child development, and caring. So when we came across this awesome PBS-made remix, we […]
Last weekend we were thrilled to join dozens of Thomas & Friends fans at the Strasburg Rail Road in Lancaster, PA to watch a life-sized Percy make his US debut in the Day Out with Thomas Tour. Any time we get a chance to hang out with ecstatic kids for a whole weekend of living their […]
Know any 2-5 year olds who are ready to jump into the world of Junior Builders? Whether they spend a day with the town fireman, at the construction site, or at a pretty pony stable, young children can get ready for hours of imaginative playtime! Working at the firehouse can be hard work, but Fireman […]