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The son of a friend of mine recently turned one year’s old. Since I’ve started working at Mega Bloks, I suspect most of my friends with kids know exactly what I’ll be bringing to parties as gifts for their kids, but this time it was nice to surprise their family with something a little different. [...]
Get ready for Mega Bloks KAPOW!, an elite range of futuristic Battling Blok Bots getting in the ring this Fall. Kids can choose their fully-buildable Blok Bot, arm it for battle and claim ultimate glory with a knockout strike! Each Blok Bot is over 8” tall, and features kid-powered lightning-fast punching action to allow players to [...]
There’s no question about it: Barbie™ has got a lot of hobbies. So it’s no surprise to see that this Spring she’s eagerly practicing her jetés inside her very own ballet Studio. But she’s working hard for a reason – she has a big performance coming up! Creative girls can put together the entire studio [...]